Since it is that time of the year, where Rainy season is just over and winter has arrived, the Mother Nature is on the maximum Beauty in such phase.

So naturally what we do in such time?

Right! We Go on a Road trip. What is better than a vacay in this time of the year?So go out, make memories, lay on the beach, take pictures and enjoy each and every moment.I personally Just Love traveling to places where there are beaches, fog, and Greenery until the end. And the road trips does justice to it.

Now, when it comes to road trips, you want to be the most comfortable in what you wear but yet it should be fashionable. Afterall you need all those selfies, duh!

The look I created is absolutely gorgeous for traveling and road trips. I have put together www.leelan.com ‘s clothing and trust me you won’t be disappointed with it. The material and the fitting of their clothing is just perfect.The fabric is breathable and soft, just like you need while traveling.If you need the traveling comfort, you know www.leelan.com is the place.

I had tried a lot of different dress styles in past year while going for a road trip. This time I decided to go fashionable and comfortable both. I assembled a very beautiful colored palazzo keeping it high waist and a grey top with white shoes.

Very simple yet edgy. And the most comfortable outfit to run around, jump around and climb where ever without hesitation.

To finish the look, I did not put up too many accessories because you need to feel free and not clumsy. Just a choker, dark lipstick, eyeliner, and glares, that is it. you are ready to flaunt.

Garment Details:
Top- Leelan
Palazzo- Leelan
Shoes- Max Fashion.
Glares: Flea Market.

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