Quirk Up That Old Denim.

What is upp guys? I am back and doing absolutely fine. I hope you guys are doing well too.

Today is ‘Get creative with Denim Day’

Denim is an integral part of our life and we have so many of them, agree?

No matter what, we need a pair of denim in every color and every design but unfortunately the trends that hit the market every season are always new and we end up throwing the old denim in the back of our closet.  Such a waste!

Instead of wasting such pieces why not create something on your own. As they say your own customized denim.

Brilliant creators on the internet have so many ideas for you. One of my favorites is the embroidered denim pants.

I am showing you some of my favorites that you can definitely try at home and be creative.


Image: LeFashion


Image: Flickr


Image: apartmenttherapy


Image: theraggedpriest

who what wear

Image: who what wear


Image: Instagram

luvv it

Image: Lovv it


Image: secondstreet


Image: wholesalekingdom.net


Image: smockingbooks

And that’s it for today! Go try your best and get your hands to do creative things.

And I will see you soon. YOLO!

-Pratiksha Khedkar.


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