Summer a Bummer!

Hi, guys! how is the sun treating you today? Pretty bad right? I know. that is why I am going to show you a look which you can carry for going to a film or a coffee date, after all, It is blazing hot outside and even in the evening you feel humid and not so cool, but that won’t stop you from going out. Evening plans are meant for going out and having fun. You make plans to go out with friends for a movie or for a sip of coffee and you want to wear something very comfortable and what keeps you cool. Say no more girls, I feel you!  So this is why I assembled this outfit for the same purpose.
Check out!


Denim shorts and just a spaghetti top never goes wrong in Summer. Add a cap, yellow glares and white shoe which looks cool as well as are very best accessories for summer.


Cap- Nike

Spaghetti top- Max

Denim shorts- Bandra street market

Shoes- Max

Photographed by- Tapaswini Dalai

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